Sovelia AutoCAD LT for Electrical Design

Are you using AutoCAD LT for electrical design? This blog article will look at how Sovelia AutoCAD LT can help with your electrical design.

Previously Sovelia AutoCAD has only been available for customers using AutoCAD to help create drawings consistently and standardised with the standards that Symetri has developed.

However, within the 2024 version, this subscription with Symetri has been made accessible to customers using AutoCAD LT.

Within Sovelia AutoCAD LT 2024, Symetri has built a comprehensive symbol library in the following areas:

  • Mechanical and structural symbols
  • Electrical symbols
  • Pneumatic symbols
  • P&Id symbols
  • Hydraulic symbols
  • Symbols for Ship Building industry

With the user-friendly interface, customers can create their own libraries and incorporate their own company standards within Sovelia AutoCAD LT 2024. The user interface is the same as in AutoCAD LT but with some additional menus. It is, therefore, easy for an AutoCAD LT user to find their way around. Sovelia AutoCAD LT 2024 has its own ribbon menus and menu bar or pull-down menu.

The electrical drafting tools in Sovelia AutoCAD LT 2024 allows customers to create detailed electrical schematics out of the box with minimal downtime spent on creating component libraries, cable/wire information and electrical bill of materials.

Some of the productivity features within Sovelia AutoCAD LT 2024 include:

  • Comprehensive symbol library to electrical standards
  • Intelligent blocks to populate electrical information within the electrical symbol
  • Create drawings with automated title block information from the respective metadata
  • Intelligent wiring tools for wire spacing and multiple wire placement
  • Electrical parts list, including component information from the extracted metadata

The video below details some of the electrical features available within Sovelia AutoCAD LT 2024:


If you would like further information on the benefits of using Sovelia AutoCAD LT for your electrical designs, please contact us at Symetri by filling in the form, and one of our electrical specialists will be in touch.


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