Sovelia Vault - How it benefits my Document Management Processes

With Excitech joining Symetri our customers now have access to an additional portfolio of tools and applications to help them work smarter.

Within the product design and lifecycle space we have a suite of tools on the Sovelia platform that allow you to manage and distribute product information over the complete product’s lifecycle. 

One of the new tools available is Sovelia Vault which works alongside Autodesk Vault, allowing you to automate design process tasks and extend the Autodesk Vault functionality to increase company data standards compliance and extend productivity. 

Here are some of the key features of Sovelia Vault:

  • Publishing to other formats – Autodesk Vault includes PDF and DWF but Sovelia Vault extends this to include other formats. STEP, SAT, DXF, DWG and 3D PDF area available with many configurable options allowing you to control where and how these files are generated.
  • Digital signing – User details can be automatically pushed to documents on state change to allow checkers and approvers to ‘sign’ drawings. It is possible to configure 2 and 4 eyes checks to ensure authors, checkers and approvers are different people.
  • Email notification – Built in email notification on state change to alert users when actions are required in the lifecycle process.
  • Property management – Automatic filling and clearing of properties appropriate to the current lifecycle state.
  • BOM Export – Export BOM information automatically to formats such as XML and CSV to collaborate with downstream purchasing and production systems. 

Familiar problems to most Autodesk Vault users. Want to find out more? Take a look at the Sovelia Vault overview video and speak to us about how you can integrate Sovelia Vault with your current Autodesk Vault setup and take advantage of these great productivity benefits.  


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