Taking the classroom experience direct to you at home

Taking the classroom experience direct to you at home

Those of you who know me, will also know that I will turn 60 later this year. I will soon officially be a Sexagenarian and get free prescriptions and eye tests!

I’ve seen a lot in my (just under) 60 years. I remember falling asleep on dads lap during the 1966 World Cup, I remember watching man land on the moon, and I remember the scheduled power cuts of 1972. The more I reminisce, the more I remember; and the list is pretty big. But in all this time, I never thought I would witness a global pandemic such as is now upon us. Something of such scale that citizens, in so many countries across the entire planet, are in effective quarantine, and more tragically, tens of thousands of people are dying.

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us. Not just our health and wellbeing, but our economy, our jobs, and in many cases, our livelihoods. But as intelligent beings, we need to protect ourselves, in more ways than one.

My job at Symetri, is to provide you; our customer, with the knowledge that you each individually need to make best use of the tools that you use in your field of design. Whether it’s a building, a mechanical assembly, or any other project, many thousands of companies rely on the in-depth knowledge imparted by our trainers to make the magic happen. The better you know the products, the more efficiently you work – that is a simple equation.

We, like many other training providers, usually do this face-to-face in the classroom, but we now face unprecedented times, and we must all keep the cogs moving as best we can. In fact, with projects on hold, perhaps now is a great time to sharpen or develop those skills. But face-to-face for the time being, anyway, is not such a good idea.

So, at Symetri, we challenged our trainers and consultants to see how we could take the classroom experience direct to you in your own home, by delivering it remotely.

Each of the subject matter experts broke down their syllabuses into smaller chunks. We know from our previous experience of training online, that attention span is limited. So each course was planned as a series of half-day sessions.

To date we have around 35 of our popular courses available online. The trainers are ready to provide the skills you need to stay current during this difficult time. We start on camera, so you get to know your trainer, then with a combination of presentation and demonstration, we take you through the key features of the product, just like we would in the physical classroom. You follow at home ideally using twin screens, and your trainer will help you if you get stuck when you practice. If you don’t have twin screens at home, then there are other options such as using your tablet or iPad as the second screen for the presentation.

I hope I never see another pandemic such as this in my lifetime, however changing times calls for changing methods of delivery, so why not check out our online training schedule on our website and improve upon those skills.