Technology preview: Revit publishing reduced from hours to seconds

At Symetri we are continuously developing technologies to automate tasks that are: labour intensive, prone to human error, or simply just too slow.

You may have seen some of the automation we have achieved with our document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS which automates: naming documents and drawings in accordance with ISO 19650 file naming standards, the creation of transmittals with all relevant information in just a matter of seconds, and uploading documents to a variety of extranet services with their metadata and connection details for each project to name a few.

To further speed up the workflows of architects and engineers, we have developed a method within our document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS that enables us to modify and re-publish a sheet in seconds.

Historically, Revit can take a significant time to process sheets and whilst you can use automation tools to schedule the tasks, you still have to wait for Revit to get the job done. With this new tool, you won’t have to go into Revit to update the drawings; they will be updated by the Excitech DOCS server, and within a matter of seconds.

For instance let’s imagine that you have a drawing that has a suitability code “S0 – Work In Progress (WIP)” and the revision is P03.01. You need to push it through the ISO 19650 workflow as it is now suitable for coordination, all you need to do is select “Shared” for the CDE status and then select the code “S1 – Suitable for Coordination”. The suitability code will be updated in the PDF along with the revision which will change to “P03”.

Watch the 1 minute preview below to see it in action.

Note: The below webinar recording was created by Excitech prior to becoming Symetri in January 2021, following its acquisition by Addnode Group. All Excitech products, services and solutions mentioned in this recording are available through Symetri.

To find out more about our document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS you can watch our other recorded webinar on the topic here, or contact us at or 0345 370 1444.