Top 10 simulation benefits: How simulation technologies are making structural analysis more accurate, more reliable the first time and faster

Simulation software is revolutionising the design process by giving engineers more time to innovate and design on overall project progress rather than being stuck in the early, ongoing, and evolving stages of detail. Structural analysis solutions can efficiently analyse complex parts and large assemblies on a desktop computer.

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Top 10 Benefits

Here are the top ten benefits you can bring into your product design workflow to win back time and ensure more accessible, more accurate, and more reliable designs:

  • Minimise errors

    With greater software accuracy, this minimises possible errors by being able to test designs fit for purpose and functions virtually.

  • Streamline outcomes by decreasing weight
    Lightweighting may have a localised impact but can add significant savings on an entire production run.

  • Reduce costs
    The more a design is streamlined, the lower the costs involved in its development and the final production stage. Costs are also favourably impacted by the speed of design development.

  • Develop innovative designs faster
    By eliminating the need to reduce physical testing and being able to make informed design decisions earlier on in the design process.

  • Predict performance
    Detailed virtual product validation enables you to predict how the product will perform, giving you the confidence to proceed to the next step and your stakeholders the reassurance that everything is going in the right direction.

  • Check the structural integrity
    For many traditional, subtractive, and additive manufacturing processes, simulation software enables you to evaluate the feasibility of the product and run virtual tryouts, understanding the structural integrity at every step of the way.

  • Visualise intentions earlier
    Simulation software is simple to use for rendering, visualisation, and animation with Graphic Processing Units (GPUs). This presentation style creates an engaging user experience by capturing the vision of the design project and communicating it in a way that any intended audience can easily comprehend.

  • Improve sustainability
    Minimising material usage, maximising performance, ensuring optimal manufacturability, and reducing the need for physical prototyping all add to a sustainable design approach. This benefits the planet while also ticking the right boxes with stakeholders.
  • Reduce warranty costs
    Simulation can help predicate and reduce the risk of failure whilst in service and determine the product's life span.
  • Engage users and obtain meaningful feedback clearly
    Simulation can eradicate the need for a physical prototype until the very last moment when all has been agreed upon, and stakeholders simply want to feel it, touch it, and experience the physical object. This enables designers to show intentions earlier in a way stakeholders will connect with, in turn being sufficiently informed to make valuable suggestions.

Symetri has helped customers adopt simulation software to improve their design process, which does away with the need to use an FEA method, but rather a meshless method where a process that used to take up to four days has been reduced to four hours. Others have reported time savings in the structural analysis phase of their design projects to be in the region of 50%.

Symetri helps empower advanced manufacturing methods with leading simulation solutions, which are tried and tested in some of the most complex use cases. If you want to find out how please fill in our form and get in touch.