Update to Autodesk Maintenance to Subscription Offer

For the best part the Autodesk maintenance to subscription offer remains unchanged since its introduction. Customers can opt to “renew” their maintenance plan as a subscription under special terms.

Update to Autodesk Maintenance to Subscription Offer

Recent changes keep the current maintenance to subscription offer intact while offering some additional flexibility. Customers who have already made the switch to subscription on an annual or two-year basis, now have the option to renew for a three-year term. A simple sounding change that on face value is no more appealing than the offer previously rejected in favour of a shorter term, but the implications of this are more significant.

  1. Customers moving from an annual contract to three years will have their initial switch price extended for an additional three years. Customers who switched before May 2019 were offered a three-year price lock, moving to a three-year contract honours the initial switch price over that period. This extends the offer price effectively for 5 years.
  2. Autodesk recently reintroduced a 10% discount for customers purchasing three-year contracts. This is for new and renewal of existing subscriptions but also extends to switched contract renewals.

The crux of it is, customers who opted for an annual contract are now heavily incentivised to move to a 3-year term. Customers who committed for 3-years previously will benefit from the 10% on their next renewal.

When the maintenance to subscription offer started back in June 2017, many customers had reservations and concerns about moving to the subscription model, effectively relinquishing their perpetual licences. This air of unease has almost completely dissipated as Autodesk continue to honour the terms initially proposed and further add benefits to customers making the switch.

With the vast majority of customers embracing the switch, it is still important to review your individual requirements and ensure there are not any unforeseen implications. For those who are not moving to subscription today, the reasons tend not to be distain for the licensing model. Reasons such as offline requirements on a single-user basis or retaining sporadic use of an application for multiple users.

The crux of it is this; moving to subscription offers the most cost-effective method to retain updates, benefits and services for Autodesk licences, but it is still important to perform your due diligence, this is where Symetri can support you. For specific advice about the maintenance to subscription offer please call us on 0345 370 1444 or email info@symetri.co.uk.


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