Vault Basic Multi-Select in Copy Design

Throughout most of the Autodesk Inventor Professional and Vault interface the method to multi select is to highlight the first item in a selection, then while holding SHIFT select the last item in your intended selection and everything in the middle is included. Unfortunately, the Vault Basic Copy Design Interface is an exception to this.

Rather than a list, the Copy Design interface behaves more like a tree, components further down can be made to change action based on their parent by holding CTRL when switching the status of the parent.

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Part 2 - The hybrid office: A longer term strategy

31 August 2021

In part 1 of our “Hybrid office: a longer term strategy” blog series, we discussed the technology routes your business can take if you are likely to keep an emphasis on home working. In this blog post, we discuss the options available if your business is more likely to take an office at core, home at edge approach.

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