What is Geo-IP Blocking and how can it help your business?

Geo-IP blocking is a practice that restricts access based on the geographic location of the connection. This can be outgoing traffic as the user, or incoming attempts to your network or cloud services.

Read this blog to find out why Geo-IP blocking matters and how it can impact your business.

What Is Geo-IP Blocking?

    • Geo-IP blocking establishes digital boundaries to control who can access specific services or products online.
    • Some content providers already use Geo-IP blocking due to licensing agreements, regulatory requirements, or business strategies. For example, streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ may restrict content availability based on regional rights.

How Does Geo-IP Blocking Work?

    • When you visit a website or service, it examines your IP address, which is linked to your geographic location.
    • IP addresses are distributed regionally, serving as a primary indicator of where you are in the world.
    • Sophisticated systems can enforce restrictions not only by country but even within smaller regions or cities.
    • Rules based on location can restrict content access or redirect users to regional versions of a site.

How can Geo-IP Blocking help my business?

    • As a business, you can use Geo-IP blocking as a security method to protect the network and your users. Imagine that the credentials of a user were obtained through a phishing attack from another country, and the threat actor attempts to login with these credentials. We can help reduce the threat by using location blocking to only allow known and approved geographic locations and restrict this potential successful login.
    • Identify the services you use that are accessible from outside your network, and whether you should restrict access on location. This could be a VPN connection, or access to a cloud application like Office 365.
    • Consider looking at the outgoing traffic from your network and think about where the data is going from your network and if it is possible to restrict to certain geographic regions.

In summary, understanding geo-blocking is crucial for navigating digital content restrictions, and will assist you with securing your network, services, and critical data.



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