What’s New in AutoCAD Electrical 2025

In this blog article, we are going to look at what’s new within the AutoCAD Electrical 2025 release.

What’s New in AutoCAD Electrical 2025

Automatic Reports Enhancement

In AutoCAD Electrical 2025, you can now create or update a drawing list report with the Automatic Reports tool. The Drawing List report provides valuable information by extracting and displaying the settings of each drawing within the project.

Bill of Materials Report Enhancement

The Bill of Materials (BOM) report now offers an enhanced sorting capability by TAG, providing more control on how the BOM report is organized. In addition to the existing options for Schematic, Panel, and Automatic Reports, you can now sort the BOM report by TAG.

With the new TAG sorting option, you can easily group and categorize the BOM based on specific tags assigned to each component.

Furthermore, the sorting options have been expanded to include two types of sort orders:

  • Alphanumeric
  • Numeric to alphanumeric

Activity Insights Enhancement

In AutoCAD Electrical 2025, the Activity Insights feature has been enhanced to provide more detailed information about events related to project-wide updates.

Wire Type Synchronisation

In the previous release, when the wire type connected to the source arrows is updated, the wire type is synchronised for all destination wires in the network that share the same signal code across multiple drawings. If the destination drawing does not contain the new wire type, new wire layers are automatically created along with their properties. However, if the wire layer already existed in the destination drawing when synchronised, any modified properties of the wire layer from the source were not propagated to the destination.

Now, when wire layer properties such as wire colour, size, line weight, line type, and wire layer user attributes are modified, and the wire type is updated at the source arrow, the synchronisation process ensures that all wire layer properties are overwritten in the destination wire layers from the source drawing.

Note: When propagating wire layer properties, including colour changes, from the source drawing to the destination drawing, a save action is required in the destination drawing to reflect the colour changes.

Wire Number User Attributes Synchronisation

Previously, editing the wire number user attributes of one block did not trigger automatic updates for other wire number blocks within the same network. This lack of synchronisation often led to inconsistencies and required time-consuming manual adjustments.

In AutoCAD Electrical 2025 toolset, when you make edits to the user attributes of a wire number block, the changes are automatically synchronised to all wire number blocks within the network that share the same wire number across multiple drawings.

Note: Wire number user attributes synchronization feature is supported only when editing the source/destination wire segments that already have wire numbers assigned to them. It does not propagate to wire numbers that are created when inserting a new destination arrow.

Quality improvements

  • Catalog Lookup - Catalog assignment changes for components and using the Catalog Browser to insert components no longer cause delays.
  • Symbol Builder - AutoCAD Electrical now retrieves family names from the SQL database within the Symbol Builder.

No more random crashes when adding attributes or performing other actions in Symbol Builder.

  • Cross-Reference - When removing a child component, the graphical cross-referencing format in a project now only changes the display of the removed xref values on the parent component to SPARE.

The SHEET attribute in source and destination arrows also updates the XREF value.

  • Copy Project - The destination folder in the Copy Project dialog box now retains the user-set location.
  • Reports - Splitting a PLC with accessories no longer causes duplicate counts in the BOM report.

The Symbol list report now displays the descriptions as written in the .dat file without automatic conversion to uppercase.

  • Wire Type Update - When transferring a wire layer with the same wire color name as another layer in the second drawing, the wire color and size are now copied to the other drawings.
  • Project Manager - Quick renaming of drawings in large projects or selecting of multiple items in Project Manager no longer cause crashes.
  • Library - The Panel Library folder from PILZ now has the correct name as CR for the Control Relays folder.
  • Symbol List Report - Generating the Symbol list report no longer produces an error when the User Attributes file has the same name as the project name.

The Symbol list report now supports symbol block names with up to 60 characters.

  • Component Wire List Report - Generating the Symbol list report no longer produces an error when the User Attributes file has the same name as the project name.

The Symbol list report now supports symbol block names with up to 60 characters.

  • Insert Footprints - Inserting panel footprints using the schematic list for Peer-to-Peer Cross Discipline components no longer results in an error.
  • Panel BOM - The Panel BOM (Display in Purchased list) is now correctly sorted according to the .setfile in Automatic Reports and Panel report.
  • Marking Menu - The correct Change/Convert Wire Type icon now displays in the marking menu.
  • Location View - Wire connection details are now displayed for Plug and Jack connectors with common pins, even when the value of [X1TERM01] is blank.

When a wire number is deleted on one side of the parent Plug and Jack connector with a common pin, the Plug and Jack is no longer combined.

  • Migration Utility - No more invalid entries in the AB PINLIST table after migration.

Customisation of AEMIGRATION behaviour is now restored using the .map file.

A CATEGORY column is now added if the source database does not have one, such as in PLC database migration.

  • Other Features - Clicking the Cancel button in the File(s) Unavailable for Processing dialog box now correctly reverts to the previous state.

The shortcut menu no longer disappears within floating drawing windows.

If you would like further information on the benefits of using AutoCAD Electrical for your electrical design, feel free to contact us at Symetri to arrange a consultation with one of our electrical specialists. We offer scheduled AutoCAD Electrical essentials training, as well as be-spoke training tailored to your requirements to help you work smarter for a better future.


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