What Symetri services are available for AutoCAD Electrical?

As many customers now have access to AutoCAD Electrical either as part of the AutoCAD Specialised Toolsets or the Product Design and Manufacturing Industry Collection. 

What Symetri services are available for AutoCAD Electrical?

Symetri would like to inform customers of the services we can offer around AutoCAD Electrical.

We offer AutoCAD Electrical configuration services along with our AutoCAD Electrical training courses to ensure you get the maximum and swift return on your investment with your Autodesk software. These services have been packaged into three types as explained below:

AutoCAD Electrical Essentials

Along with our AutoCAD Electrical essentials training course, this service implements an AutoCAD electrical configuration designed for a multi-user environment, including the essential configuration of core elements of the application. This ensures that all users are working with a common and consistent environment from day one.

AutoCAD Electrical Automate

Our automate package is designed around automating and streamlining workflows within AutoCAD Electrical to ensure all drawing layouts are consistent and populated correctly across the whole of the project for all users. This package delivers consistent templates for drawings, wiring, reports and symbol libraries customised to your specific company requirements and standards. Additional custom elements, including symbols and layouts specific to the manufacturer, can also be incorporated.

AutoCAD Electrical Production

Our production package integrates the configured AutoCAD Electrical system with Inventor Professional in order to coordinate electrical and mechanical design production in a connected environment. This allows additional intelligent information to be extracted from the design such as cable/wire lengths and nailboard diagrams. The configuration aspect of this workflow is created via an electro-mechanical link between the Cable & Harness environment within Inventor Professional to a bi-directional synchronised configuration of AutoCAD Electrical using a common electrical database library.

If you would like further information on the benefits of using AutoCAD Electrical for your electrical design, feel free to contact us at Symetri to arrange a consultation with one of our electrical specialists. We offer scheduled AutoCAD Electrical essentials training, as well as bespoke training tailored to your requirements to help you work smarter for a better future.