Whats New in Autodesk Vault 2022

Autodesk Vault 2022 brings some intuitive and efficient new features. Ranging from integration through to replication.

Whats New in Autodesk Vault 2022

Autodesk’s new installation features will guide you to install quickly and more efficiently using your online account in a way that creates consistency and less confusion. Installation wizards are more informative meaning users will have an output that is relatable. Installs and deployments can be adjusted quickly and administrators can package applications quicker with job role in mind, Designers, engineers and non-CAD users will all have different applications installed on their machine, now with the new customer install there is no need to have the application installed on users machines they don't need for daily task.

The Autodesk user ID was introduced as a journey to user profiles, Autodesk has now introduced the Autodesk ID authentication as the start of a profiled based integration similar to Microsoft. This will give administrators more agility to import user and group information quickly and more efficiently using active directories.

Autodesk introduced Models States to Inventor as users long for a configurable world, where things can be created, customised, and documented in such a way that allows flexibility with the need to be personal. Parameters and properties can filter through CAD to data management which is related on a single part file bases and not a group of part files. Items can be assigned to incorporate this link and help grow to BOM management using Vault Professional.

The ability to turn off the assignment of items can mean better control of this stage. Administrators may not want to allow the assignment of items if they are not part of the company workflow.

Replication enhancements mean administrators can reduce the time invested in certain tasks whilst maintaining a replicated environment. Improvement of reliable and stable replicated environments means a settled adjustment to replication.  Elimination of the need to take object ownerships means users will no longer see an issue where files are owned on other sites, replication will perform quicker.

General enhancements mean introducing new properties that can be used to stamp data to drawings during a state change. Users will have the ability to search for “latest approver” and “latest release date”. Finding duplications can be enhanced inside Inventor to make sure certain criterion are met.

The new interface for the Autodesk Vault Thin Client has been well overdue for some, users have been longing for a more up to date browser experience. Autodesk has delivered on this with exception viewer and browsing functions, giving users a refreshed and light experience. The thin client is no longer out date and clunky, it is dark and responsive, with information that flows through files, items and change order data.

The amazing integration with the Autodesk Forge Viewer means users can quickly see what CAD files looks like, measure, explode and take note of all aspects of design. 

User settings can be manipulated to customise the area, including settings for appearance environments and notification.

Autodesk is gearing customers up towards a change in how we create, manipulate and share our data.