Why Security Awareness Training is Important?

The biggest threat to any computer network is your users. Even with a comprehensive suite of security tools, users can open accidentally open the doors to your IT environment by clicking on a link in a dodgy email.

As threats get increasingly advanced, your users can be the first line of defence, so giving them the confidence and education they need to help identify potential threats is critical. Security Awareness Training will educate employees in recognising threats and what to do, or not to do.

In the continuing evolving list of threats posed to any business these are always changing. The mainstream list of threats is:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Compromised document’s
  • Viruses, malware and trojans
  • Social engineering

Phishing attacks continue to top the list of data breaches, and far outnumbering malware and ransomware attacks.

What does Security Awareness Training Include?

There are three components to Security Awareness Training:

  • Training modules and educational content
  • Phishing simulations
  • Reporting and analytics

Training Modules and Educational Content

A Tailored approach for each organisation is essential this way a customised training program can be set to align with their unique needs and company culture.

Phishing Simulations

This area covers simulated threats which regularly expose users to Mock phishing and other social engineering tactics to find out which users create exposure to the systems and then reports back to the organiser.

Reporting and Analytics

This allows the organisation to monitor progress and track the user’s engagement with the training materials. It also assists in identifying gaps where users may need additional education.

Understanding, reporting incidents and escalation points and containment measures are key.  These greatly help prevent further compromises.

A security focused culture is essential for robust cyber security. Security awareness training will help employees prioritise safe practices in their daily work routines. When security becomes ingrained into the organisations fabric, it enhances the overall resilience of the computer systems used by your business.

A rapid response to any computer threat helps minimise damage not only to the systems in place but also the reputation of the business. Customers trust organisations that prioritise security. This helps maintain a high level of trust between both you and your customers. So, security aware employees contribute to maintaining that level of trust.

Security training is a very cost-effective investment compared with the potential financial losses from a data breach or a compromised network.

Cybersecurity is a collective effort, and every employee’s awareness matters. Security should not be a topic that is ignored nor feared, so stay vigilant and build a resilient defence against evolving cyber risks.

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