Enhance and simplify your pipe, hose and cable design in Autodesk Inventor with Sovelia Routing.

If you are designing and developing tubing or piping routes within Autodesk Inventor, you may be experiencing many of the same pain points as other users. The long configuration times and complicated workflows can cause wasted time and headaches when using the software. Here at Symetri, we have seen and experienced the issues and developed a product that will help counteract these problems and streamline an easy workflow for tube and pipe functions.

Enhance and simplify your pipe, hose and cable design in Autodesk Inventor with Sovelia Routing.

This product is called Sovelia Routing and has been used by customers since 2018. The product is an add-in to Inventor and can be utilised with the current release and up to 3 versions back. Users worldwide, including Canada and South Africa, have now seen the benefits of Sovelia Routing.

As this product is developed in-house by Symetri, quick updates and extra functionality can be designed to meet any requirements. The Sovelia development team sat down back in 2017 and outlined the core requirements of the product. They needed the product to have a quick initial set-up and configuration and user-friendly tools and interface to differentiate itself from similar products. The core functionality of any routing environment was also required and implemented into the software:

  • Create and modify routes for tube, pipe and hose
  • Place fittings, instruments, and any other components
  • Bending rules
  • Pipe end forming and pipe insulation
  • Production data export
  • Generate and control standards

Where Sovelia Routing differentiates itself is that it is inherently easy to use as it has been designed for a plug-and-play capability. Modelling techniques allow you to quickly reference other geometry in the model and pick the type of fitting and pipe you want to place from a drop-down list and in which direction you want the route to go. By default, we have introduced some standards that can be utilised; these core libraries have been designed around customer cases to ensure real-life application.

As mentioned, one of the core functions was for a user-friendly interface, which has been implemented with the ‘Spec Editor’. This tool allows you to customise any of the default standards to create your own if required. These standards will also link pipe sizes with the associated fitting, so when you use the modelling tool, you can only pick the correct size fitting. Extra fittings can be saved into the library, including sensor tubes, pipe supports, pipe insulation, and the standard connections, including tee’s, bends, and reducers.

The whole Sovelia range of products revolves around automating routines that will help improve compliance and reduce the end users’ time is typically manual workflows. Sovelia Routing is no different and includes options to automate drawing export for routes, output to bending machines, collar and hole sizes, and pipe insulation.

As Sovelia Routing is designed to be plug-and-play, the tool requires little training. The training courses can be designed to work in the niche areas of the tool that you wish to learn. If you are interested in learning more about training or accessing the product, please get in touch with us here at Symetri.


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