Corstorphine & Wright Gains Enhanced Clarity with Symetri's Software Monitoring Tool

Corstorphine & Wright

Corstorphine & Wright is an award-winning architectural practice with design studios nationwide, ranked at number 14 in the prestigious AJ100. The practice has been involved in a variety of projects across different sectors, including residential, commercial, education, healthcare, and urban regeneration. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of buildings and spaces, showcasing their commitment to creating functional, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

The Challenge – Understanding and managing a large portfolio of software licences

In recent years, Corstorphine & Wright has experienced significant expansion, growing to 11 studios and proudly employing the largest number of Chartered Technologists in the UK. Managing their growing licence portfolio however has become increasingly challenging. The diverse operational approaches at each site, coupled with the need for specific licences, made it difficult to maintain a clear and comprehensive overview of the current portfolio usage and where additional licences may be required.

While some data existed for their Autodesk portfolio, it lacked the necessary granularity about their overall licence portfolio. Complicating matters further, the practice was approaching Autodesk's deadline to transition from Network to Standalone licences. Consequently, they sought a solution to facilitate this transition and enhance their strategic decision-making process.

The Solution – Precision in software licence management for informed decision making

Jonathan Carthy, Head of IT at Corstorphine & Wright, had prior experience with an alternative licence monitoring solution, which provided just some of the information they needed. Symetri introduced CQFlexMon, their inhouse software licence monitoring tool, which immediately captured Jonathan's attention. Following a demonstration, the tool's value became undeniable.

According to Jonathan,

Symetri's extensive experience in the AEC industry made it even more appealing that they had a solution tailored to monitoring design software. CQFlexMon provides detailed information about an individual’s usage, including specific products within a suite and their duration of use. This has enabled us to efficiently allocate suites, individual licences, and Autodesk Flex tokens, enhancing our portfolio management.

Corstorphine & Wright leverages both the Application Usage Monitor and Manage Autodesk modules of CQFlexMon, allowing them to monitor usage for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to Autodesk. This data can be presented in various formats, aiding in the identification of potential non-conformities.

Within three months of CQFlexMon being deployed, Jonathan had a comprehensive view of how and when their software portfolio was being used. 


The Outcome – Enhanced clarity when working with a trusted partner

Jonathan emphasises,

Upon adopting CQFlexMon, Symetri didn't simply deploy the tool and step back. Despite us having access to all the data, they consistently provided us with reports and schedule regular sessions to collectively evaluate the information. This proactive approach significantly strengthened our licence renewal process, instilling confidence that our purchases align with our actual needs. What we've gained isn't just a tool but a significant service that aids us in making strategic decisions for our practice.

Our relationship with Symetri is a true partnership which aligns to our strategic goals. They make us feel that we’re in this together, and that collaborative spirit is precisely what we seek in our partners.

Corstorphine & Wright has leveraged CQFlexMon to facilitate the implementation of Autodesk Flex tokens, ensuring that access is granted to the right individuals and that these resources are used responsibly.

The Future – Unwavering commitment to development and innovation

The partnership between Corstorphine & Wright and Symetri will continue, driven by the constant evolution of their practice, with CQFlexMon playing a pivotal role. With a secure grip on their licence portfolio, the practice can now concentrate on developing their people’s skills and refining business processes, ultimately enhancing their overall customer experience.


Final Thoughts - A genuine partnership with a strategic alignment

Jonathan states that;

Symetri remains committed in supporting our business decisions, and the integration of CQFlexMon further solidifies our strategic alliance. Their unwavering commitment is truly centred on our specific needs, reflecting a genuine partnership.

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