Fewer errors at Lidan Marine with Sovelia PLM

Lidan Marine

An integration with business systems that manage approval and release processes, ensures that production, purchases and suppliers can only use the latest and approved parts lists and drawings.

Sovelia PLM removes the need for manual work and eliminates sources of errors

Lidan Marine and its design department have grown strongly in the last five years, increasing the need to work more efficiently. The question of whether a PDM/PLM system could be a solution to their problems has come up regularly. After careful consideration and evaluation of different systems and suppliers, Sovelia solution by Symetri was finally chosen.

All the designers were trained in Sovelia, and the article structure from the CAD environment has been linked to the business system Monitor to get a controlled process for releasing drawings.

“This makes parts management easier, as it can now be managed directly in Inventor instead of in Monitor as before. This allows us to do away with the manual work we used to do and to eliminate sources of error. We can also increase the reuse of designs throughout the chain,” explains Henrik Eriksson.

The integration with the business system, which manages approval and release processes, allows us to ensure that production, purchases and suppliers can only use the latest and approved parts lists and drawings.


  • Rapidly growing engineering department
  • The need to work more efficiently
  • No automatic link between CAD environment and business system lead to a lot of manual work and multiple data entries


  • Sovelia Lean PLM leading to secured processes, increased reusability of engineering data throughout the company and decreased manual data entries
  • All engineers are trained in Sovelia
  • Part structure linking between CAD environment and ERP (Monitor) to establish a controlled release process of documents
  • Integration towards ERP system ensures access for production, purchasing and suppliers to the approved part lists and drawings


  • Simplified parts management - parts are handled directly in Autodesk Inventor instead of ERP
  • Manual work has decreased significantly eliminating errors
  • Increased reusability of structures throughout the value chain

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