Optimising workflows — Karmøy Skipsconsult AS’s adoption of Sovelia AutoCAD

Karmøy Skipsconsult AS

Founded in 1977, Karmøy Skipsconsult AS is a diverse technical consultancy with expertise in sectors including shipping, offshore, and agriculture. This case study examines the company's strategic choice to implement Sovelia AutoCAD, enhancing their operations and effectively addressing the challenges and constraints associated with standard AutoCAD.

Navigating complex designs with advanced automation tools

A strategic decision led Karmøy Skipsconsult AS to adopt Sovelia AutoCAD. Symetri recommended the software when they purchased AutoCAD licenses, largely due to the need for uniformity across their global operations. The integration of Sovelia AutoCAD has streamlined their processes with consistent templates and symbols and provided access to an extensive range of pre-made libraries.

The advanced automation tools have minimised once time-consuming tasks, enabling the team to concentrate more on the creative and technical aspects of their projects.

For example, when designing working tables for supply vessels, Sovelia AutoCAD's tools simplify early, precise calculations. The software enables quick verification of design integrity through measurement and documentation features, reducing the need for immediate full-scale simulations. This capability not only speeds up the design process but also ensures accuracy and compliance with industry standards.

Tailored workflows for a better outcome

In addition to automation, Karmøy Skipsconsult AS has experienced significant workflow improvements, thanks to features such as template setup, distribution, and efficient project duplication. These capabilities are specifically designed to meet their unique requirements, making Sovelia AutoCAD a more suitable choice than standard AutoCAD for their specialised workflows.

Future Outlook: Boosting efficiency across project lifecycles

Adopting Sovelia AutoCAD has not only accelerated project delivery but also enhanced drawing quality, resulting in higher client satisfaction. Despite a transition towards more 3D engineering with Sovelia Inventor and Autodesk Inventor, Sovelia AutoCAD remains a vital tool in their operations. It continues to be integral to the company's strategy for increasing efficiency and streamlining processes.

Karmøy Skipsconsult AS's experience also suggests that Sovelia AutoCAD is particularly beneficial for companies facing CAD workflow challenges or lacking an organised component database, offering a substantial return on investment through improved efficiency and reduced labour costs.

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