Sharing business critical information in a reliable and swift way at Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin

In the digital working environment at Parker, it is essential that engineering teams can share business critical information in a reliable and swift way, for example with workshop employees.

These essential documents need to be made available in an automated and accessible manner. Whether it is creating a 3D pdf file for the workshop, calculating and updated the mass of complex assemblies in Vault, creating STEP files or generating 2D documents for the purchase department.

"With Sovelia Vault integrated with Autodesk Vault, it lets us do all these processes in an automated way. Whether it be workflow automation, triggered creation of release documents or automatic sending of emails containing status reports. It’s highly customizable and it really tailors the environment towards better efficiency. There is simply no better alternative for this tool."
tells Jaap Leussink, IT Technical Analyst, Parker Hannifin

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