Driving Innovation through Automation

Design automation is an approach that helps you capture and reuse engineering knowledge and intent.

As a designer or engineer, do you find yourself spending excess time completing repetitive tasks, modelling standard features, or configuring products to custom specifications? Do you wish you could free up your time to focus on projects where you add unique value, innovating to create better products?

Automation of your processes can help you advance projects to completion in mere seconds, which frees up valuable time for the tasks that require your level of skill and engineering knowledge. No matter the size of your company, or whether you are fabricating and manufacturing many different types of products or just a few, there are likely repeatable patterns and workflows in every environment that can benefit from automation.

This webinar will outline a number of practical areas where you can add automation.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Why use design automation,
  • Design intent,
  • Specialised tools,
  • Product configuration,
  • Drawing creation,
  • Standards compliance,
  • Process Automation,
  • Infinity and beyond, and
  • How Symetri can help you with get started.

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Note: the below webinar recording was created by Excitech prior to becoming Symetri in January 2021, following its acquisition by Addnode Group. All Excitech products, services and solutions mentioned in this recording are available through Symetri.