On-Demand | Civil 3D and Revit with BIM Collaborate Pro Workflows

In this session, Senior Consultant, Bettool Jabur demonstrates the use of BIM Collaborate Pro for Civil 3D and Revit whilst establishing the workflows between each of the software.

Shared Coordinate systems, different software and different skill sets can sometimes leave a wider team of designers and engineers feeling disjointed. BIM Collaborate Pro looks at centralising data and maximising collaboration and communication between different internal and external teams.

Topics covered included:

  • Introduction
  • What is BIM Collaborate Pro?
  • Civil 3D workflow with BIM Collaborate Pro in a shared environment
  • Revit Workflow with BIM Collaborate Pro
  • Civil 3D Teams, publishing and consuming documents
  • How can Symetri assist you in making the right decision?
  • Summary