Naviate Zero

On-Demand | Sustainable Buildings for Sustainable Futures

In this on-demand webinar recording, we introduce Naviate Zero, a solution that lets you evaluate material selection CO2 emissions directly in Autodesk Revit.

We delved into the core of sustainable building practices with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) insights and the powerful features of Naviate Zero. Naviate Zero makes it easier to choose smart sustainable materials directly in Autodesk Revit. From project settings to visualising and documenting CO2e, we explored how this tool empowers users to make informed decisions for greener projects.

The session also featured a vibrant Q&A, addressing key questions on data export, carbon transport costs, licensing, and more. Join us in embracing a sustainable future with Naviate Zero, and find out how to get a 30-day free trial in this webinar recording and contribute to better, greener solutions for the built environment.


  • Nicolai Karved - Lead Technology Analyst, Naviate
  • Jan Tore Bugge - Head of product, Naviate
  • Bettool Jabur - Product Manager for Sustainability and Environmental Design, Naviate

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