Reduce your product development by 70% with Altair Simsolid

This On - Demand webinar demonstrates the incredible advantage Altair Simsolid has during the design and engineering phase. 

“We have seen design time drop from 600 hours to 200 hours on a product development project.”

- Harshal Kulkarni, Engineering Manager, Modulift UK Ltd

This webinar showcased our customer Modulift’s success story, outlining the significant advantages they gained through the adoption of Simsolid. We will also covered a comparison with traditional FEA methods to help you understand how you can save time in your product development.


  • Introduction to Altair and Symetri
  • What is Simsolid?
  • An overview of Modulift's experience with Simsolid hosted by Harshal Kulkarni
  • Live demonstration within Simsolid
  • Conclusion
  • Question and Answers

This webinar will be suitable for all members of design, engineering, or manufacture.



  • Cheryl Sneddon, Team Lead – Simulation and Advanced Manufacturing, Symetri
  • Harshal Kulkarni, Engineering Manager, Modulift UK Ltd


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