Streamlined product lifecycle management with Sovelia Core

In this webinar, we explore core aspects of PLM and how Sovelia Core can transform processes. 

We discuss why you need a PLM system and its benefits. You also gain practical insights on managing Bill of Materials (BOM).


Why PLM matters: Understand what PLM is and how it addresses common challenges in the manufacturing industry.

Sovelia Core: Adding value at every step.

  • Learn how Sovelia Core empowers you to work smarter throughout the product lifecycle
  • Discover how Sovelia enhances collaboration, ensures data accuracy and streamlines your operations.
  • Items and BOMs: The heart of efficient product development
  • Seamless flow of design data
  • Change requests and orders made easy
  • Sovelia Core: Use out of the box or configure based on your needs



Tim Ray - Head of Product, Sovelia