Using Twinmotion to plan phasing logistics and clashes on a construction site

Construction sites have a number of moving parts, which is why visualisation tools, like Twinmotion, are essential to help plan the project to reduce errors and reduce costs.

Twinmotion isn’t just a design tool, it also enables construction specialists to explore more options when planning logistics and phasing activities on a site.

Webinar Details:

Date: Monday 26th June 2023
Time: 1pm - 2pm 


In this webinar, we will look at:

  • How to plan the logistics on a construction site: from materials entering the site to planning the location of site offices
  • How to visualise the construction process
  • Positioning cranes correctly to avoid potential crane clashes and describe optimum crane spans
  • Considering the movement of large vehicles on site, delivery schedule phasing and materials receiving pads placement

Join us on 26th June, and find out what is possible with Twinmotion and how Symetri can get you started.



Geoff Alder, Application Specialist