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About WorldSkills UK

WorldSkills UK is an independent charity and works with employers, education and governments. WSUK is a member of WorldSkills, a global movement of over 83 countries. WorldSkills supports young people across the world via competitions-based training, assessment, and benchmarking, with members’ national teams ultimately testing their ability to achieve world-class standards in the biennial "Skills Olympics".

WorldSkills UK Mechanical Engineering CAD Competition

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) uses specialist software to create two and three-dimensional images and animations of projects both in manufacturing and for use in advertising and technical manuals. CAD can convey many types of information, including dimensions, types of material, and tolerances and is essential in offering solutions to both engineering and manufacturing problems. This WorldSkills UK competition focuses on all the essential requirements for a successful career in mechanical engineering specialising in CAD. Competitors will be tested on their performance using CAD to produce 2D technical drawings, 3D models and 3D assemblies. Competitors will be required to produce animations and should have a full understanding of ISO drawing standards and be able to use them effectively in different situations.

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Success Story:

Read how Ryan competed at WorldSkills London 2011, reaching world-class standards in Mechanical Engineering: CAD and winning a Bronze Medal. Discover how our international training programme helped him to become confident in his abilities and how the experience has shaped his career.
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