5th Annual Digital Construction Summit

Returning for the 5th year in a row, this year's virtual edition of the Annual Digital Construction Summit will focus on the latest innovations transforming the way we plan infrastructure and construct built environments, while improving operational efficiency and worksite conditions.

5th Annual Digital Construction Summit

We’re delighted to have sponsored the 5th Annual Digital Construction Virtual Summit this year on the 24th and 25th of February 2022.

This event brought together construction, engineering, design and architecture experts to review BIM, digital twins, AR, robotics and other technologies improving the future of digital construction. Leading professionals from global brands were in attendance to share their experiences and discuss the latest solutions they use to overcome challenges and set their projects up for success.

This was an invaluable opportunity to network with industry experts and explore the best practices for using next-generation technologies in the construction sector.


Event Details:

Session Title: Implementing an Integrated Construction Management Platform that Delivers against your Digital Strategy

Session Agenda:

    • Internal and external factors influencing digital strategy
    • Confronting the issue of fragmented solutions in Construction
    • Technology selection to serve your business goals
    • The core tools – model management, data management, field management
    • Interoperability and Added Value – plugging in other solutions and sharing data


Richard Brayshaw


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