Webinar | Explore Symetri’s Information & BIM Management (including ISO 19650) courses

Join Daryn Fitz, BIM Management Lead and Principal Consultant, at our webinar on 18th February, where he will explain our new BIM & Information Management programme of courses for 2021, which includes the ISO 19650 series of standards.

Webinar | Explore Symetri’s Information & BIM Management (including ISO 19650) courses

Daryn will focus on the modular learning programme and explain how you have the flexibility and power to:

  • Configure your own content,
  • Develop your own training programmes for your staff,
  • Keep up to date with the very latest standards, methods, and processes,
  • Maximise knowledge retention and investment.

Our modular programme is a new offering for 2021, and we believe a real game changer for learning and understanding the BIM & Information Management.

Whether you are looking to refresh and update your knowledge and understanding, develop engagement across your business, upskill teams, or ensure management understand the fundamentals, join us on this webinar to learn more.

Event Details

Date: Thursday 18th February 2021

Time: 11:00 - 11:45



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