Webinar | Get up and running faster with cloud PDM

Join Autodesk's Upchain experts, Brian Schanen and Lee Dodds and learn how to make better decisions with cross-functional collaboration in the cloud.

Webinar | Get up and running faster with cloud PDM

How long before you realise ROI from your software?

When deciding on new software, often we overlook how long it will take to get the software up and running and the time to value in favor of functionality and long-term gain. While those are important, if it takes years to get value out of a new product, those benefits may not be worth it for you. With Upchain, you can get up and running faster and realise ROI months sooner than other PDM systems

In this webinar Autodesk will cover how you can:

  • Leverage out of the box functionality to get up and running faster
  • Use the Connect the Chain program to onboard users at their own pace
  • Engage Autodesk partners to maximise the value of your new PDM solution

Register for the webinar to learn more and be sure to stay until the end to get your questions answered by Upchain experts.

Date: May 24th, 2022
Time: 4:30 PM 
Presenters: Brian Schanen and Lee Dodds, Autodesk


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