Simulate at the Speed of Design

Join Altair's virtual event that aims to highlight how simulation can shorten development times and reduce costs for your products.

Simulate at the Speed of Design

When applied early in the development cycle, CAE and FEA simulation technologies can rapidly accelerate the creation of high-performance, profitable products. But we know how hard it is to choose and implement the right simulation solution effectively when you have limited resources.

Whether you are completely new to CAE, FEA simulation or looking to expand your company’s capabilities, join our free virtual event and learn from your peers and Altair’s experts how a mixture of software, support and know-how can help you to be more efficient and effective in how you develop new products. 

Topics covered:

  • Presentations from small-medium business customers of Altair, covering how they successfully implemented simulation in their product development workflow,
  • Generative Design, Concept development, topology optimisation or design for manufacture in Inspire.
  • Rapid structural analysis in SimSolid for parts or large assemblies.
  • Drop test, thermal, CFD, fatigue or combined multiphysics analysis in SimLab manufacturing feasibility.
  • Process Simulation with Inspire Cast, Inspire Form.

Who should attend?

  • Engineers in the Design Department, Design Managers, Heads of Design.
    • If you use 3D CAD and are considering implementing CAE/FEA simulation for the first time.
    • Utilise CAD-embedded CAE/FEA simulation tools but run into challenges with speed and accuracy.
  • CAE Engineers, Analysts, and Head of the CAE Department.
    • Wanting to take the next step and explore multiphysics analysis.
  • Managers of allied departments are dependent on the CAE department or outsourcing simulation.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday 16th May 2024
Time: TBD
Location: Virtual Global Event


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