Webinar | How Product Configurator can help your sales process?

Let your customers manage the process themselves with all the right information available through 100% web-based configurator.

Webinar | How Product Configurator can help  your sales process?

In this webinar you will learn how the use of a Configurator tool, either internally within your organisation or externally with your customers, can help people get to the right solution, including all the correct information to create an order, design or produce a product or service.

We will also demonstrate what is possible with Symetri's configurator tool and in what situations it can help you. Ultimately simplifying the decision-making process for all parties involved.

Webinar agenda 

    • Introduction
    • Features of Sovelia Configurator
    • In what situations Configurator can really help you with
    • What does a typical Configurator implementation project look like
    • What are the costs and benefits?

Event Details

Date: Thursday 28th January 2021
Time: 19 am - 10 am 



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