Webinar | How to harness the power of a CAD workstation from anywhere

Join us and our partner HP to learn how you can get all the power of a CAD workstation via any device, from any location.

Webinar | How to harness the power of a CAD workstation from anywhere

Software that sets your power users free.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, most office-based companies had to adjust the way they work and equip their staff to work from home. Short-term strategies were implemented to enable this, but sometimes at the cost of security, productivity and user experience. 

As we slowly start to come out of lockdown in the UK, now is the time to start transitioning away from the set-ups that were initially implemented, and to start thinking about a more productive and secure, long-term strategy. Especially now that businesses may be able to start returning to the office gradually and adopt a hybrid-office culture where time between the office and home is split.

So how would this work? Introducing HP's ZCentral Remote Boost, software which enables your power users to access the full potential of their CAD Software. Join us and our partner HP to learn how you can get all the power of a CAD workstation via any device, from any location, with ZCentral Remote Boost.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to Symetri IT Solutions & ZCentral Remote Boost
  • How to successfully transition from makeshift remote working arrangements to a more sustainable, secure and productive arrangement.
  • Demonstrate how ZCentral Remote Boost can give your power users the performance boost they need to tackle their most demanding, graphics-intensive projects from anywhere.
  • Q and A

Event Details:

Date: Thursday 29th April

Time: 11am - 12pm (GMT)

Hosts: Alan Stone, Business Area Director - IT, Symetri, Dan Smith, UK&I Advance Compute and Solutions Channel Development, HP & Richard McGuiness, Sales Specialist End User Accounts Enterprise, HP

For more information on HP ZCentral Remote Boost in the meantime, visit our webpage.


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