Data Management for Manufacture

Data Management for Manufacture

The use of data management is a very important part of the manufacturing workflow. For teams to collaborate at critical times during design, engineering and manufacturing stages are vital. For companies to have their data, up to date, safe and reliable it is recommended to have a product data management solution. This solution can work with all departments allowing the flow of data to become efficient and dependable.

If any of these challenges resonate with you or are areas of concern in your current manufacturing processes,  Symetri can help you to make informed decisions as to the available solutions to suit your needs.

  • No revision control
  • Using Windows as a Data Management Tool
  • No share point area internally or externally
  • Searching for relevant files is time-consuming
  • There is no standard naming convention
  • No consistency whilst sharing data internally or externally

Track and manage product data

Data can be tracked and managed by using folder and lifecycle management. Vault is configurable to your workflows, allowing all users to experience a well-round data flow during creating, review and release of data.

Collaboration and sharing data

Collaboration and sharing of data can become organised and structured around existing internal workflows. Users can collaborate on data during file lifecycles to incorporate critical changes and modifications.

Reliable version and revision control

Autodesk Vault provides the use of version and revision control schemes that can be customised to suit your current working processes.

Management of secondary file formats

Managing secondary file formats is not a problem using Autodesk Vault, these files can also be incorporated into folder structures. Autodesk Vault allows the management of a large number of different file formats.


Access using mobile devices

Autodesk Vault allows users to access data using a desktop or mobile devices. This ability is a massive time-saving tool meaning that data can be reached during critical stages of design, engineering and manufacture.

Protect & Backup

Protecting your data has never been more important, Autodesk has a solution that involves keeping your data backup and secure, by accompanying your existing IT solutions.  

Frequently asked Questions

  • Autodesk Vault Addin is currently available for the following 3rd part products.
    • Creo
    • Solidworks
    • MicroStation
  • Vault can also be used with the following Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing Products:
    • PowerMill
    • FeatureCAM
    • NC Data Control

Yes, customisation of the Vault is a very useful and productive operation. Symetri can aid with this configuration, which can reflect on Design, Engineering and Manufacturing. Please consult with the Symetri Make Team.

Yes, data can be migrated into the Vault using Autodesk Autoloader, which is part of the Autodesk Vault installation. If you require to migrated large amounts of data, then Symetri can provide a service to enable a swift and safe procedure.

Yes, third party files can be store in Vault. you can also store these files with purpose in the Vault using folders.

This will depend on how the user will interact with the data you have in the Vault. There are various flavours of the Vault which can give users access to data using a desktop or mobile devices, therefore it is best to consult with Symetri, who will help guide you to a solution based on your current needs.

Autodesk Vault is a product data management (PDM) application that allows users to store and share intellectual data throughout the design, engineering and manufacturing workflows, using a series of desktop and/or mobile devices.

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