Product Data Management (PDM)

Improve your competitive advantage

Are you looking to improve the quality and management of the product data in your company?

Efficient management of engineering data is essential for a company to improve its efficiency and competitiveness.

Having the right Product Data Management (PDM) software and software in place will help you organise, manage and track data creation, simulation and documentation processes for design and engineering workgroups within your company.

Today’s 3D CAD solutions consist of complex file hierarchies with internal dependencies between the design files. The complexity is further increased by various generators that create files and internal references. Managing all this in different design scenarios and change processes is crucial. Only Autodesk Vault Workgroup and Professional can provide full support for all design data and internal file links resulting from Autodesk Design Solutions. We have even enhanced the superior functionality of Autodesk Vault with our SOVELIA technology, which adds a number of features that significantly increase the efficiency of design data management.


What can you achieve with the right Product Data Management (PDM) software?

  • Track and manage all changes to product-related data
  • Spend less time organising, finding and tracking design data
  • Improve productivity through reuse of design data
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Protect and back up intellectual data
  • Better design quality
  • Automatic change order management
  • Support for concurrent engineering
  • Central data storage with automatic and monitored backup

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Swift Group (leisure vehicles) optimises its digital assets, with Visualisation

Meet Swift Group 

Founded in 1964, Swift Group Ltd (Swift) is the UK's largest manufacturer of touring caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes. It produces over 100 different models across its three product ranges.

With a 100-acre manufacturing site in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, and depots in Manchester and Edinburgh, the company has a turnover of >£300m, and a workforce of over 1,300. Swift works with 180 supply partners of specialist components (such as core chassis – from Fiat and Ford -- to interior features such as heating systems, ovens, and windows, through to the finishing touches such as mattresses and upholstery).

Swift adheres to environmentally friendly methods of production to minimise environmental impact. It seeks the same level of responsibility from its supply chain partners.

“At Swift, we’re always exploring more advanced and more effective ways of harnessing digital design assets and to use them to their fullest, through visualisation technologies.
We’ve gained direction by keeping a close watch on how such approaches benefit the automotive industry, where the use of digital prototyping, and visualisation as a marketing tool,
has reached a high level of sophistication.
We’re leading the field in our own sector – the leisure industry – by aligning our design approach to technologies that go beyond 3D into close-to-life representation of products:
both as the design evolves, and in sales and marketing activities.
Along the whole path of this evolution, we’ve had the support and guidance from Symetri visualisation consultants – with deep knowledge of developments within automotive –
that has helped grow our team’s expertise
at exactly the right pace to meet our growth, our range expansion, and our customers’ expectations”.
- Chris Milburn, Chief Design Officer at Swift Group Ltd
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“Never stop improving”— How manufacturing at EASYFIX® keeps on getting smarter

Making Digital Transformation Easy, Logical and Timely

“We continuously develop and improve our products to make the operations of our farming customers more effective, and that depends on ensuring the comfort and the quality living conditions of their animals. The more accurately and cost-effectively we can achieve those goals, the better it is for everybody.
The process of digital transformation is ongoing for us, helping to drive and support our continuous business growth; a process that Symetri has been making easy, logical, and timely for us since 2010. They’ve embraced our workflows, our passion, and our commitment to modern manufacturing. In fact, they have made them all possible. That’s why we value the relationship we have with them”.


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Sovelia PLM takes digital transformation to new heights for access equipment manufacturer, Planet Platforms

Meet Planet Platforms

Planet Platforms is at the forefront of the Safe Access Equipment manufacturing sector. Innovators in the design and manufacture of bespoke modular safe access equipment, the company supports working at height safety measures in locations that are nearly always characterised by risk. Planet Platforms has over 40 years of working at height experience, helping companies such as BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and the Bristow Group.

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Delivering confidence and quality faster: Sotech’s adoption of Altair® SimSolid® aligns product output with client expectations closer than ever before

Meet Sotech

Established in 1982, Sotech is a leading designer and manufacturer of engineered metal rainscreen cladding and architectural fabrications, marketed as the Optima range.

Sotech’s team works closely with architects, installers and contractors to specify rainscreen cladding solutions appropriate for each individual project. Sotech provides expert advice on the system, materials and finishes, fire safety, sustainability, design and production.

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Taking the next step in innovation: Symetri Fusion 360 training for HiiROC, leaders in Thermal Plasma Electrolysis

Meet HiiROC, they develop transformational technology for low-cost, zero-emission hydrogen generation. The company has developed and patented a new process for creating hydrogen, known as Thermal Plasma Electrolysis (TPE).  TPE is an electrically driven-process that uses a plasma torch to decarbonise hydrocarbons, releasing the valuable, high energy density hydrogen and solid carbon black.

HiiROC was founded in 2019 in the UK, to commercialise its technology, with development and assembly facilities based in Hull, where there is ready access to engineering expertise. HiiROC’s technologies are set to make a significant impact on current climate issues.

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Symetri’s Autodesk Fusion 360 training consolidates skills for manufacturing R&D support at the University of Aberdeen’s engineering workshop

Meet the Engineering Workshop at the University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen’s School of Engineering is not just about teaching. Like many of the university’s other departments, it also undertakes research, looking at new technologies, developments and techniques to respond to trends within the world of engineering.

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