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Autodesk Build

Connects data, workflows, and teams.

Autodesk Build | Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk Build, part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform, is a Construction management software for field execution and project management. It empowers those involved in Construction to seamlessly collaborate and deliver construction projects on time, on budget.


Benefits of Autodesk Build

Quality Management

Track all issues in one place and resolve them earlier. Reduce costly rework and keep projects on schedule.

Safety Management

Develop easy-to-adopt, repeatable safety programs and get all team members to take ownership of site safety.

Cost Control

Connect project management and field execution data to cost activities, to understand root causes and scope cost impacts.

Project Management

Ensure projects stay on track; improve collaboration and reduce miscommunication, error, and rework.

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Streamline workflows. Control your project.

Configurable construction project management workflows within Autodesk Build helps you meet your team’s needs, connect the office and field, and keep your projects on track.

Connect and improve cost management.

Improve cost control, gain real-time visibility of cost-related risks, and forecast accurately by centralising all cost activities in the cloud and within the context of the project with Autodesk Build.

Engage everyone in construction site safety.

Develop a standardised and easy-to-adopt safety program and get all team members involved in taking ownership of safety onsite.

Proactive quality management, from design to handover.

Autodesk Build allows you to gain visibility of issues and resolve them with a proactive construction quality management approach. Reduce rework and keep construction projects on track.

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