Bluebeam Revu®

Bluebeam Revu®

Increase efficiency and improve collaboration in design and construction projects with Bluebeam.

Bluebeam has informed us that from February 22, 2022 Revu 2019 and older versions will be discontinued and from February 21, 2023 Bluebeam will stop supporting these versions.


What is Bluebeam?

Bluebeam's software for the construction industry offers teams the flexibility to collaborate anywhere on design, construction and handover. Bluebeam's desktop and cloud solutions for collaboration are based on open standards. Easily access your documents and data on any web or iOS device – on or off the construction site.


Bluebeam Revu®

Revu offers powerful and customisable tools for document management, markup and automation, with a built-in Studio collaboration space.

  • Log in to any computer that has Revu installed and access your projects and toolkits.
  • Mark and measure with other team members in real time with Studio.
  • Share the latest drawings and documents with teams on the construction site with Bluebeam Cloud.
  • Increase safety and simplify the single sign-on (SSO) user login.


Bluebeam Cloud (Web and Mobile)

Connect the office and construction site and complete workflows on the go with Bluebeam Cloud, a new set of web and mobile solutions that seamlessly connect to your documents and toolkits in Revu.

  • Work from anywhere through a web or iOS device – no installation or configuration required.
  • Easily access your toolkits and Studio project files from Revu.
  • Easily invite team members to markup and collaborate in real-time with the Markup Editor.
  • Manage rounds, request for information (RFIs) and documents easily on the go with Field Tools.



Get more out of Revu and Bluebeam Cloud with Bluebeam services designed to help you get the job done faster.

• Unlimited, secure and centralised cloud storage.
• Access to integrations with technology partners for customised workflows.
• Access to Bluebeam University courses at no additional cost.
• Technical support by email and phone.
• Geolocation insights to visualise, connect and organise data.
• As a customer with us you can get help with installation and support.


Data security you can trust

Bluebeam's global data infrastructure helps organisations reduce risk and comply with current regulations with superior security, integrity and control.

Bluebeam is SOC 2 Type 1 certified, so you can securely access local AWS servers, meet data residency requirements, and collaborate with team members anywhere in the world.

Enable single sign-on (SSO) for your entire team and gain full administrative control over who can see what.

Important functions 

Revu makes your blueprints, plans and actions work better.


Convert an unlimited number of Microsoft Office documents and CAD drawings into high-quality 2D or 3D PDFs, or turn scanned images into text-searchable documents. 


The easy-to-use markup tools can be customised so you can easily communicate with other project teams. Using the Markups List function in Revu, it also becomes easier to keep notes organised and to create reports. 


Connect and collaborate with project participants worldwide in real-time or anytime with Studio Projects and Studio Sessions. 


Large drawings become easier to manage because you can create smart documents that can easily be shared with others on the project – in the office or in the field.

How to use Bluebeam in your workflow

  • Drawing and Document Management: Store, manage and organise entire drawing sets. 
  • Peer review and quality control: Perform reviews faster and avoid errors.  
  • Quantity taking and calculation: Take fast, accurate measurements and win more bids. 
  • Site Logistics: Create and manage detailed site logistics plans. 
  • Requests for Information (RFIs) and Subs: Publish RFIs in drawings quickly and share them among different entities.
  • Roundup: Assign, track and close discrepancies on the go.
  • Project handover: Create comprehensive and easy-to-navigate digital handover packages.


Which subscription plan should you choose? 

Bluebeam offers three different subscription plans, BasicsCore and Complete, which are tailored to a variety of office and construction site project needs. Each plan includes a combination of Bluebeam Revu and Bluebeam Cloud (web and mobile) solutions, plus additional services that increase your productivity.

Basic tool for marking and handling office and project documents in construction and property owner operations.

Bluebeam Revu Features include:
• PDF editing and markup tools.
• Basic measurements.
• Digital signatures and OCR.
• SharePoint® and ProjectWise® integrations.

Bluebeam Cloud (web and mobile)
• Easy to mark and collaborate.

• Unlimited central storage (Bluebeam Cloud only).
• Partner-built integrations.
• Bluebeam University.
• Technical support.

Comprehensive tools for managing and collaborating on small and medium-sized projects in construction and property owner operations.

Bluebeam Revu
All features of Basics plus:
• Real-time collaboration with Studio.
• Special markings.
• Superimposition and comparison of documents.
• Tool for quantity removal.
• Supports plugin for construction and property owners.
• Basic reporting on markings.

Bluebeam Cloud (web and mobile)
• Easy to flag and collaborate
• Manage deviations, requests for
information (RFIs)
and documentation

• Unlimited Central Storage (Bluebeam Cloud and Studio).
• Partner Built Integrations.
• Bluebeam University.
• Technical Support.
• Geolocation Insights.

Everything you need to manage and optimise large-scale complex projects in construction and property ownership.

Bluebeam Revu
All features in Basics and Core plus:
• Advanced measurement tools,
including volume and angle measurements.
• Dynamic fill and Quantity link.
• Batch automation tools for adding links, signatures and more.
• Advanced reporting on multi-document selections.
• Scripting commands.

Bluebeam Cloud (web and mobile)
• Easily mark and collaborate with the Markup Editor.
• Manage deviations, requests for
information (RFIs) and documents.

• Unlimited Central Storage (Bluebeam Cloud and Studio).
• Partner Built Integrations.
• Bluebeam University.
• Technical Support.
• Geolocation Insights.

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