Pinnacle Series

Pinnacle Series

Learn, share and improve with Pinnacle Series.

Connecting people to answers

Pinnacle Series is an on-demand learning and productivity platform for the AEC and Manufacturing industry that uses multiple asset types to help organisations overcome the everyday challenges they face in using technology.

Identify expertise and skillsets for users and create personalised learning based on current skill levels. With learning paths, you can guide users through just-in-time training to improve their skills and allow users to access interactive written content, video lessons, and attend live classes and quizzes. With Autodesk plugins, you can run Pinnacle series directly in Revit, Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Inventor and Vault.

Experience how Pinnacle Series works

Why use Pinnacle Series?

Whatever your role, Pinnacle Series will add value to your organisation by increasing the use of your technology investments, lowering training and onboarding costs, or allowing you to take on new types of projects. Ultimately, organisations use Pinnacle Series to help strengthen their bottom line.

The benefits of Pinnacle Series

Continuous learning...

...with learning opportunities for all skill levels

Knowledge capture and sharing...

...with staff across your company

Increasing productivity...

...with a centralised location designed to answer staff's questions

Pinnacle Lite is available for free for all Naviate subscription users

Pinnacle Lite supports all users to learn new functions at their own pace, thus increasing productivity as well as performance. Within Naviate, you will have direct access to these resources and our own support chat to get the best learning experience.

Learn more on what is included here.

Pinnacle Series or Pinnacle Lite?

If you’re looking for a platform that only includes pre-defined content, Pinnacle Lite may be more appropriate.

Pinnacle Lite is a scaled-down version of Pinnacle Series, where users can easily access a full suite of Autodesk and other design applications learning material. They also contains a variety of tutorial videos and learning materials for each software, which users can search, filter, enroll on courses, and follow pre-defined learning paths.

To understand the difference in functionality between the two, please see the table below:


Pinnacle Base Pinnacle Lite Pinnacle Series
Videos x x x
Search x x x
Translations x x x
Trending x x x
Mobile App x x x
Learning Paths   x x
Cheat Sheets   x x
Workflows   x x
CPD Certificates   x x
Support     x
KnowledgeSmart Integration     x
Reporting     x
Courses Assigned by Managers     x
Customisation     x
Work Groups     x
Company Branding     x
Autodesk Plugins     x
Notifications     x
Offline Content     x
SSO/AD Sync     x


Autodesk Learning Content Subscription
(including BlueBeam Revu Learning Content
Subscription, Ideate Software and Enscape)
  x x
Lumion   x x
Additional Online Content Available:      
Adobe Learning Content Subscription   x x
Microsoft Learning Content Subscription   x x
CIBSE Learning Content Subscription   x x
Trimble SketchUp   x x

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