EdgeWise Plant Suite

EdgeWise Plant Suite

The EdgeWise Plant Suite is fully integrated with PDMS so pipes and structure extracted in EdgeWise export to the PDMS Dabacon database as intelligent objects. Likewise with any CAD platform that supports the PCF format.

The EdgeWise Plant Suite combines EdgeWise Plant and EdgeWise Structure along with our PDMS and PCF plug-ins to create a powerful, highly-accurate plant modelling platform. You will be able to create accurate as-built plant facility models much faster than current workflows. Purchase the EdgeWise Plant Suite and receive the speed and accuracy of structure extraction, cylinder extraction and full integration with PDMS, CADWorx and a host of other platforms.

For more information about EdgeWise Structure, please click here.

EdgeWise Plant
The quality assurance tools in EdgeWise Plant allow you to verify the accuracy of every extracted pipe to ensure your model is a precise match to the as-built condition.

EdgeWise Plant offers a host of features and tools to bring you from field-to-finish more accurately and much faster than ever before. Automated extraction, spec-driven fitting placement, billion-point visualisation, and exacting quality assurance tools all combine to make EdgeWise Plant a true end-to-end modelling solution. EdgeWise Plant is also fully integrated with PDMS so the intelligent models you create in EdgeWise Plant can be exported to Aveva's platform with no loss of data.

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