Naviate Productivity Tools - Civil 3D & Revit Add-In

Naviate Productivity Tools - Civil 3D & Revit Add-In

A technology eco-system which enables architects and engineers to focus on valuable work.


Digitalisation has changed many industries at a fundamental level and the building industry is no exception. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift with innovations and new technologies, and the implementation of digital workflows is accelerating. With these changes comes the opportunity to work more efficiently and handle tasks at a higher pace, still delivering the same, if not higher, quality.

One of our contributions to the building and infrastructure industry is Naviate - a product portfolio of Civil 3D and Revit add-in software that is fully integrated within Autodesk Revit and Civil 3D. The platform maximises user productivity and reduces risk of errors through an integrated suite of workflow enhancement tools, educational content and technical support.

Naviate comes in a range of flavours to suit the array of different industry sectors, and whilst many tools are applicable to all of these, each version also has specific tools associated to the particular challenges faced within each.

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User Benefits

Naviate is build on industry needs to improve and simplify workflows and tasks in project management.

Based on the wishes and needs of our customers, we developed a Civil 3D and Revit add-in solution that saves users valuable time, enabling more time to create elegant and purposeful buildings and infrastructure.


Programmed features to help you generate results quicker, save time in model creation and interact with other disciplines.


A database of components and products based on manufacturers’ sources to use directly in your models.


Templates and databases to optimise your platform and can also be configured to your needs and requirements.


Exchange information between platforms and formats to ensure an optimised flow of information both into and out of the platform.


To help make workflow, methodology, best practice and experience into a lean cycle of continuous improvement.


Consists of videos, tips and tricks and the latest releases.

Four key pillars:

Working with Naviate will save you valuable time, enabling more time to create elegant and purposeful buildings and infrastructure. Naviate accelerates project documentation and also helps optimise working methods. Standards are built-in; everything is preconfigured to enhance your BIM workflow.

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Naviate provides a comprehensive e-learning platform, which customers can use to further develop their skills and maximise potential.

Whilst it provides customers the ability to make better use of thier core Autodesk Software investment, it also drives a positive working culture supporting staff retention and in turn assisting within the reduction of HR costs.

To accommodate the different styles of learning, Naviate comes with a range of different media, covering workflows, courses, videos and individual reference documents.

Instantly available through a mobile device or web browser, it also neatly sits within the core, Autodesk application, to support in session learning.

Naviate, the Civil 3D and Revit Plug-In comes with access to technical support, covering both the core Autodesk technology as well as Naviate itself.

Such an insurance policy, reduces stress on the team, protects user wellbeing and provides confidence to explore new more efficient methodologies of working, rather than sticking with tradition.

It also supports the reduction of disruption and the negative impact that this can have on project delivery, reputation and team morale.

The core functionality that comes as part of Naviate, really sits within the Workflow Optimisation pillar.

It significantly increases user's productivity, reduces the non valuable, manual labour-intensive parts of job, and in turn allows a professional to exercise the reasons behind them joining the profession in the first place.

Naviate supports a level of automation that not only makes the undertaking of BIM more enjoyable, but it also significantly reduces the risk of mistakes.

Naviate also supports its users in driving consistent quality through built in standards. Now, these might be associated to predefined settings within the provided templates or specifications built directly within the functionality itself.

With such a broad set of tools now available, Naviate can support customers in removing the burden of having to procure and manage multiple 3rd party applications.

It can also remove the overhead and risk of developing automation in house and allow customers to focus on what they do best.

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