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PlanGrid is a mobile-first, field collaboration software which gives contractors, owners, and architects unprecedented access to information in real-time, facilitates effective collaboration, and provides actionable insights that improve predictability on the jobsite.

What Customers Say About PlanGrid


of customers say that PlanGrid reduces rework


of customers say that PlanGrid mitigates risk

Get everyone on the current set

View project information from wherever you are. From plans and specifications to punch lists, documents, and photos, PlanGrid is your single source of truth.

Access model properties anywhere

Seamlessly push all model data from Revit to PlanGrid. In the field, see all data properties in 2D and visualise how complex work comes together in 3D.

Publish sheets in minutes

Instantly upload and distribute sheets and documents that are automatically hyperlinked, versioned in order, and easily searchable with full sheet search.

Complete turnover without losing data

With accurate data collected during the entire construction lifecycle, it’s easy to turn over a digital as-built for facilities management and operation.

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