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About Unity
Unity is a powerful VR/AR toolbox that can be used to create anything you want when it comes to visual experiences. With full support for all available platforms its easy to build the experience you need. It may be a simple Virtual Reality walkthrough or a fully customizable Augmented Reality configurator. It’s up to you!

Building & Infrastructure
For the building industry we have Unity Reflect that simplifies the data transfer and presentation of Revit data to Screen, VR and AR with one click. All BIM data is preserved together with material properties. Making the move to XR smooth and painless. Once in Unity its up to you if you only want to preview the data or run a live presentation from Revit or keep on working with it in Unity to make a better and more interactive presentation. Have customers and your colleagues give you much better feedback from day one of the project.

Product Design & Lifecycle
If you are in the manufacturing area Unity can be used from the first development steps on to sales and training and as support at the end customer making it a valuable tool throughout the whole lifespan of your products. We can make early design decisions both on visual design but also ergonomics and future maintenance. Once the machine is ready, we can run it “for real” within Unity with real physics hooked up the real control system. Once the machine is built we can reuse the data as a digital twin and connect it via IOT to be able to monitor and investigate behaviours in relative from anywhere in the world. Before we deliver the final product we can train the customer on how to run it in VR to speed up the setup time and training at the customer. And using AR we can do interactive manuals that will save time and shorten downtime. AR can also be used for remote maintenance to save time and money by helping customers without travel costs.

Train in the industry standard
As a Unity Authorised Training Partner, we are part of an exclusive community of training providers who work closely with Unity to deliver high-quality training to Unity creators worldwide.

Why choose Unity Authorised Training?
Whether you’re interested in learning the basics, staying current with new technologies, or you’re an advanced creator looking to dive deep, we can help you stay competitive, find a new job or redefine and enhance the one you have. Unity workshops are continuously developed and updated. After workshop training, you’ll be able to work smarter, faster and collaborate effectively with your teams.

Why is authorised training coursework more valuable?
Authorised Training Workshops ensure that you’re taught the most up-to-date information with the most recent features and innovations. Our Instructors will teach best practices to make you more efficient and productive. These are the only workshops developed in conjunction with the Unity engineers who created the products.

Why are Unity Authorised Training Partners better?
As an Authorised Training Partner, we have Unity Certified Instructors with extensive teaching experience and who understand the full capabilities of Unity products. They are experts with product proficiency that other options can’t offer.

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