Vault Eagle

Vault Eagle

Vault Eagle is standardisation Management for administrators using Autodesk Vault.

Vault Eagle gives administrators control to standardise CAD resource files from one source of truth.

With Vault Eagle you can easily configure data in Autodesk Vault to synchronise with local workstations This can be done whether Vault is installed or not. Giving CAD administrators control and automation over what data is locally available on users' machines.

Vault Eagle features Automated downloads of common data, libraries, iLogic rules, customisation, Templates, design data and more. Establish rules to control the location state of data on
client machines, Clean up and control localised edits to
ensure company standards.

Features of Vault Eagle: 

  • Vault subscriptions tool for files and folders
  • Keeps local files up to date
  • Multiple download options
  • Logging and Mail


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