Augmented reality for construction 

VisualLive | Unity

Unity's augmented reality for construction software VisualLive, allows real-time 3D visualisation, collaboration, and field-to-office communication across all stages of construction. These include design review, quality assurance/control, facilities management, and more.

The software works by overlaying large BIM and CAD files onto job sites using augmented reality, allowing construction professionals to visualise designs and collaborate in real-time.

Benefits of VisualLive | Augmented reality for construction

Import from any BIM software

VisualLive has plug-ins for Autodesk Revit and Navisworks, and the web uploader interface supports 70+ 3D file formats. You can push large BIM/CAD model files to mobile, tablet, or HoloLens headsets in one click.

Improved QA/QC and installation verification

1:1 scale hologram projections enable quick field inspections, so users can see and fully experience the BIM model to quickly identify discrepancies between the design and installed conditions.

One-click issue capture and reporting

Take a picture of BIM model interaction with existing infrastructure, mark up photos, and upload to a shared project management folder.

Status tracking made simple

Easily track projects by clicking and changing the installation progress status, generate Excel spreadsheet reports, and import statuses to Navisworks with color codes.

Stream BIM onsite to remote workers

Create leaner workgroups and eliminate onsite meetings. Virtual design and construction (VDC) managers, project managers, designers, and first-line workers can communicate in real-time and work with full-scale models.

More alignment options for better AR

VisualLive has multiple alignment options available for any site or setup, including the AI-based Anchor Lock. Place QR codes in your construction site to quickly and efficiently adjust the model placement.

Optimise your models, maintain critical data

In a few simple clicks, you can bring your large BIM models to HoloLens and mobile devices within minutes. VisualLive’s cloud-based software quickly converts your files, keeping all geometries, textures, materials and critical information you need.

Bring the power of BIM onto the job site

With VisualLive, you can take your large BIM models from Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks or SketchUp, to HoloLens and mobile devices within a few minutes of the process. 

Explore the possibilities with VisualLive | Augmented reality for construction

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