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The importance of digital twins, information and data during the lifecycle of an asset within the built environment is exponentially increasing, and it is being supported by the government, industry, technology advancement, new standards, and legislation. There has never been a time before now, where managing the procurement, production, use and maintenance of digital information and data has been so valued, and has the potential to directly empower organisations.

Our range of information management services are tailored to both public and private Clients, Employers, Asset Owners and Operators of all types, and are fully aligned to the sectors they operate in. Our approach and support enables smarter working through increased knowledge sharing, collaborative working, compliance, efficiency, consistency of output, standardisation and measurable value adding outcomes.

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Information management solutions

Demand for Building Information Modelling and Digital Project Delivery

Project Clients/Employer organisations for several years asked for BIM enabled projects from their supply chain and almost accepted partial or non-delivery. That is no longer the case. Today increasing numbers of public and private sector Clients are now demanding delivery, ensuring it is a contractual requirement and increasingly monitoring and auditing projects. In the latter half of 2020, it was evident that BIM and digital delivery had become mainstream and many Clients now wanted to drive the potential savings and efficiency gains through to asset management.

Clearer Client roles and responsibilities for BIM and Information Management

The publication of the ISO 19650 series of international standards for Information Management and BIM was a significant step change for industry. There was now a clear message that the success of any BIM enabled project, the culture, and level of collaboration was directly influenced and directed by the Client. Within the new standards, clearly defined considerations, recommendations, and actions required for a successful project were presented, including Client-side information management functions and responsibilities.

Project Asset Data becomes a reality

If BIM was simply moving from CAD to 3D modelling, the transition would have been relatively straightforward, but BIM and digital working is far more complex and the overarching requirement to deliver good quality asset data at the end of a project has taken the industry a while to develop the right tools, processes and understanding. The good news today is increasingly projects are being successfully delivered and the information requirements are being provided as expected. It takes good planning, instruction, and management but the opportunity to migrate asset data from projects to facilities management solutions is today an increasing reality.

Case Studies

Symetri Guides Concertus Design and Property Consultants on a Successful BIM Accreditation Journey

Formed in 2013, Concertus Design and Property Consultants is a multi-disciplinary practice with many award-winning buildings and built environment solutions to its name.

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1st Horizon - EdgeWise

The end of 3D modelling workarounds: 1st Horizon makes its geospatial survey workflows faster, with EdgeWise

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Realising the Vision: Glancy Nicholls Architects - SketchUp Case Study

Founded by Lyndon Glancy RIBA and Patrick Nicholls RIBA in June 2004, Glancy Nicholls Architects (GNA) Ltd. is a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Chartered Practice. GNA is continuously involved in high profile public and private sector developments, working with many repeat clients, including blue chip organisations, across many sectors.

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Latest news

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Take good care of your emails or risk huge fines

It seems like such a long time ago that we were all wondering how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) would impact our businesses and it’s easy to imagine that the problem has now gone away, but ignore it, and you could be making an expensive mistake.

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Naviate for Revit Blog

Simple road design with Align Profile in Naviate Site & Landscaping

Landscaping in Revit is still a challenge, but we are getting closer with our recent additions to Naviate Site & Landscaping.  Last summer it became clear that Autodesk Site Designer got deprecated for Revit 2021. As a result, Naviate Site & Landscaping got some added features during the autumn last year to support Landscape Architects working in Revit. Back in August 2020, we hosted a webinar and asked the participants what pains they would like to find easier solutions to in near future. In particular, two topics where discussed;

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Training courses

Information & BIM Management Fundamentals incorporating ISO 19650

This Information Management & BIM training course is designed to provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of the principles of Information Management enabled by BIM. Delegates will also review the core standards, specifications and guidance, including the ISO 19650 series and develop an understanding of how information is managed, delivered and used through the capital, delivery and into occupation. Those attending this training course will ultimately have a better understanding of BIM Management and be able to identify which information management processes to apply within their own organisations.

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Training courses

Revit Structure Experience

This one-day Revit Structure Experience course is a unique opportunity for anyone looking to introduce Revit Structure, to gain a head-start understanding some of the key features of the product. This course is designed to show how to best plan a successful implementation and ensure maximum benefits are gained from the investment in this powerful product. The training course will cover considerations of implementation, such as installation, and data exchange as well as how best to target and run subsequent training. It will also present an opportunity to experience using Revit Structure through the hands-on sessions and be guided through its use in real-world structural design scenarios.

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