Future-proof your Design Team

Many companies are facing an urgent new reality that requires a flexible working environment.

Many companies are now starting to realise that a flexible working environment is likely to become the "new normal". Future-proof your business by enabling secure access to documents, smooth collaboration and minimising risk. 

Access documents and information from anywhere, anytime

62% of companies are still totally reliant on network shares meaning poor access to documents*. When different versions are saved on personal drives and shared back and forth over email, it quickly poses challenges to version control.

In attempting to resolve these issues, it's important to consider something that will scale for the future than a quick solution for today's specific problems e.g. finding, editing and sharing content no matter where it's stored.

Enable smooth collaboration and customer experience

Maintaining great customer service requires easy and efficient access to correct data as well as seamless internal and external collaboration capabilities. When no central document repository exists, time is wasted on recreating documents. 

When looking for a solution to address these challenges, it's important to ensure employees have access to all data with the same user experience remotely as they do from the office.

Manage project information securely whilst minimising risk

Enabling access to all relevant data remotely is suddenly a critical success factor. At the same time, it presents an immediate data security risk and businesses must make sure that data access is enabled in a way that keeps the security and privacy of that data intact.

It will soon become essential to have a platform that can solve data security challenges including role-based permissions, federated authentication, data loss prevention and much more.

*The Association of Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) 

Hear How M-Files and BES Ltd enabled remote work with document management...

It was just as simple as it sounds. Pick up your pc and headphones and go home. Literally.
One of the tools that has helped us to work from home, is our internal document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS. This bespoke CAD document management system helped us to effectively handle the complex workflows that BIM, according to the UK BIM Framework has provided us with.

Explore the power of CAD document management

Our CAD document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS addresses all of the issues above and more, in-turn, futureproofing your business and enabling a flexible working environment.


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