Working From Home With BES Ltd

We caught up with our customer BES Ltd, a leader in the design and construction of sophisticated environments for the pharmaceutical sector, to see how our document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS has allowed the team to continue operating through lockdown. BES BIM Manager, Mike Robinson shared his insights on how Excitech DOCS helped their design team maintain efficiency and productivity.

Mike says "As a BIM manager, especially during this pandemic era that we find ourselves in, I found that using digital technology has helped us immensely in keeping our current projects on track.

The paperless world has suddenly taken a massive step forward. Embracing technology that has helped us to work from home, and mobilising our teams to do so with such speed, has been not only a fantastic achievement by all concerned, but has been incredibly rewarding to see how well we have all evolved, and coped with the demands.

One of the tools that has enabled us to do so, is the use of our internal document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS. This bespoke CAD document management system helped us to effectively handle the complex workflows that BIM, according to the UK BIM Framework has provided us with.

Gone are the days where documents have to be printed out, maybe ink stamped with a rubber stamp, in readiness for a senior member of staff to add a signature for an approval. This could take hours, if not days, if someone was not in the office.

With the slick process control offered by the software, and use of a mobile app, the workflows can be conducted with lightning speed by any of our staff, to allow continuity and progress. Mark-ups can easily be done and transmittal forms generated very easily.

The time the document and drawing management software has saved is very tangible and through feedback from our Design Team, I can assure you the experience of using Excitech DOCS has been well received. I carried out a brief questionnaire amongst our Design Team to evaluate the effectiveness of the software and some of their answers are highlighted below:"

Q: Do you feel that using Excitech DOCS has benefited you whilst working from home?

Q: Which parts of your workflow do you feel Excitech DOCS helps speed up?

Q: Do you think that Excitech DOCS has been a beneficial investment for the company?

Keep posted for our case study with further details on how BES Ltd are using our document and drawing management software Excitech DOCS. To learn more about our CAD document management system Excitech DOCS and adjusting to a flexible working environment, visit our webpage