4 ways Autodesk Docs can help you conduct smarter takeoffs

4 ways Autodesk Docs can help you conduct smarter takeoffs

As we explained in our previous blog post, all products within the Autodesk Construction Cloud sit on top of the fully integrated document management system Autodesk Docs. Autodesk Docs enables compliance with ISO 19650 standards for BIM projects, whilst allowing you to organise, share & distribute files on a single connected environment.

In this blog post, we take a look at why you should use Autodesk Docs in conjunction with Autodesk Takeoff when producing quantity takeoffs.

So why is Autodesk Docs important for Takeoff? Although you can upload your 2D plans & 3D models directly to Autodesk Takeoff and these files will link directly to Autodesk Docs, we recommend uploading your documents directly to Docs and here’s why:

1. Autodesk Docs is a full Common Data Environment (CDE) & Document Management System (DMS)

Before any quantity surveyor or estimator conducts a takeoff, you have to ensure that the information you’re taking off from drawings and models has gone through things like a review process. If these documents are uploaded directly to Autodesk Takeoff, the information provided will have not been reviewed and approved by the relevant parties for the takeoff task ahead.

2. You can see changes made to a 2D or 3D document with the compare feature in Autodesk Docs which can impact the way you conduct your takeoff

The beauty of looking at 3D models in Autodesk Docs is that the compare tool looks at the geometry as well as all other information. This is useful because if a wall hasn’t changed gemoetery wise but the fire rating has, the new materials it needs to be constructed from could impact the cost on takeoff.

3. You can filter on what’s been added, modified or removed since the last time you received the model

If there’s been a physical change in an element like a door, it’s often not just a simple door change. For instance, Autodesk Docs allows you to see the new sizing of the door which could impact the costing of other things around the door such as plastering, architrave, skirting, carpentry etc.

4. You can raise an issue on the model

If you don’t agree with something on the model or spot an error, you can raise an issue directly within Autodesk Docs, which can help prevent risk by getting complete closeout before takeoff. You can then check back for updates on the drawing so know when it’s approved.

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