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Announcing our newest BIM Training and Education Management Modules

For those of you who attended our Modular BIM Training webinar earlier this year or read our mini-mag or previously posted blogs, you will know our approach is to provide facilitated information and management courses with content you can choose from, empowering you to develop your own customised courses.

Announcing our newest BIM Training and Education Management Modules

As always, we adapt our BIM training and education courses based on our customer’s needs. This blog outlines the extra modules we have recently added to our BIM Modular programme or are on their way.

ISO 55000 – Asset Management - AVAILABLE

Our Client organisation customers have requested we developed a module for ISO 55000, the international standard for Asset Management.

Classifications - AVAILABLE

More recently, we have added modules for Classifications and an introduction to BS EN 17412‑1:2020, the new standard for Building Information Modelling - Level of Information Need.

BIM for MMC projects - New Module coming soon

A course delegate suggested a module that focuses on how BIM is implemented within projects, which make heavy use of MMC (Modern methods of construction) and primarily premanufactured parts. We think this is a great idea and are now looking at this as a future module to add to our growing list of topic areas.


Over the last eight years we have continually developed our content and regularly make updates to reflect new and changing standards. This means we are always able to present new content that has quite often only been published or released into the public domain the previous week, keeping our content and delivery right up to date.

Our facilitated courses allow for debate and discussion, offering a deeper dive into some areas once the core learning has been delivered. As an example, when I was delivering courses into Australia, the COBie module expanded from general principles to evaluating the Transport for New South Wales Asset Information Requirements, providing increased context and understanding for all delegates.

Our mantra here at Symetri is to “challenge people to work smarter”, but we cannot pronounce that unless we challenge ourselves.

Which modules would you like us to develop?

They could focus on short software examples of CDE’s in operation once we have explained the principles and requirements. Or would you like content relating to the Building Safety Bill and the information requirements? We are already planning to provide a module relating to the BS 8644 Digital Management of Fire Safety Information for Design, Construction, Handover and Emergency Response. Code of Practice is expected to be published in November 2021, is this something you would like to explore? Or would you like to understand best practice for requesting and specifying a point cloud survey?

These are just some of our ideas, but what would you like to see in the future? Let us know so we can together achieve your business learning objectives.


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