Are you still relying on marked up PDFs or handwritten notes from contractors?

In this blog post, we'll outline how to create seamless collaboration between
design and construction with AutoCAD and Autodesk Build

As an architect, engineer or designer, the process of actioning changes to CAD drawings from contractors can be a difficult task as those working on site haven’t had the tools to be able to provide their design counterparts. This results in changes being captured in the form of handwritten notes or marked up PDFs, causing more work for both those on site and the design teams.

In addition, these methods are also prone to human error. For instance it makes it difficult to track versions, resulting in teams working off outdated drawings. It can also be difficult to understand certain handwriting which results in more time lost trying to clarify what needs changing.

How to create seamless collaboration between design and construction

Linking drawings to a digital collaboration platform which both the design and construction team of a project have access to can help streamline communication, eliminate errors and create a more productive dynamic between teams.

AutoCAD easily integrates with Autodesk Build construction productivity software from the Autodesk Construction Cloud. Autodesk Build hosts digital versions of drawings, on a real-time platform that’s accessible from any device. Drawings can be directly and precisely annotated with changes, to tag and notify design reviewers of their tasks. Once uploaded, the new design becomes the current version, eliminating the risk of teams working off outdated plans.

Benefits of digitising drawing changes

With the ‘Push to Autodesk Docs’ feature, you can now share your drawing sheets as PDFs directly from AutoCAD 2022 to Autodesk Build. As a result:

  • Communicating changes becomes much quicker and clearer
  • There is a single source of truth for everyone on the project to access
  • Design and build teams can discuss alterations in real time, for a more collaborative dynamic

To learn more about integrating AutoCAD with Autodesk Build, please get in touch with us. We will also be hosting a webinar to run through this in detail on 6th October which you can register for here.


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