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Back in early 2019 I wrote a piece outlining the benefits afforded to Autodesk subscription customers (Back to Basics: Autodesk Subscription Benefits). Over the past 2 years, we have seen a dramatic change in the working practices of customers and how an Autodesk subscription can support and enable a new way of working.

Autodesk Subscription

Many customers have asked how to enable remote working and how this can be managed and how to enable a hybrid environment. For the purposes of this piece, I will be focusing on single-user licensing.

Home user rights

Autodesk subscriptions permit installation on up to three devices. Simply put, users can install their licence on a home or portable device in addition to their office workstation. There is no need to apply, and no special approvals needed. Once assigned, a single-user Autodesk subscription can be accessed by the user and downloaded where they wish (up to three devices). It is important to note that the installations are not to be used concurrently. I suppose the clue is in the name, “single-user”, however, to be clear, users should not be running the software on their office workstation and laptop at the same time (now that’s what I call multi-tasking). Many customers ask, “won’t the software just log me out?” and the answer is no.

A scenario that has happened to me a few times is where I am working in the office on my office workstation when an emergency arises (could be anything!), so I leave at midday and resume working from home… but alas, I have left my Autodesk subscription running in the office. This is hopefully a rare event, as should this occur frequently, Autodesk would have due course to suspect non-compliance, so do try and remember to close the application when you leave.

Global Travel Rights

One other key feature of Autodesk subscriptions that support remote working is Global Travel Rights. These permit travel with your licence outside of your country of purchase. With many companies utilising staff from around the world and with remote working becoming more commonplace, this benefit enables greater flexibility. Once again however, it is key to note that the licence used must be provided by the user’s direct employer, not a subsidiary, parent or sister company.

Hopefully these Autodesk subscription benefits are not new information, but it is important to refresh your understanding and ensure you are not only maximising your subscription use but doing so in a compliant manner. There are more benefits available, which we can look at in more detail in the future.

If you would like to find out more about Autodesk subscription benefits: Terms of Use | Subscription Benefits| Autodesk

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