BIM 360 Security - Everything you need to know and More!

As the construction industry looks to reduce delivery risk by going digital, purpose built Cloud Platforms are helping solve traditional and isolated process inefficiencies as well as help better manage, control and report on project teams collaboration, delivery performance, analyse data, track tasks and more, it is important to understand the security and resilience supporting any given offering.

Here you'll find everything you need to get under the security-hood of BIM 360 to answer questions like:

  • How secure is my data? [SSAE-16 AT 101 SOC 2 attestation and ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certifications to validate the security posture].
  • Where is my data located? [AWS - Amazon Web Services]. Is my data Encrypted? [256-bit advanced encryption (AES-256) transmitted using TLS].
  • Do I still own my data? [Active customers will retain ownership rights].
  • What is the availability (uptime) target of the service?  [BIM 360 service targets availability of over 99.5%. In layman's terms this is equates roughly to around 9 hours of potential downtime a year (not all at once I should add) based on a 40 Hour week].

Below contain 8 assets that will help answer these questions:

Autodesk BIM 360 Security Whitepaper: 
The purpose of this document is to outline Autodesk BIM 360 operations, software development, and security measures implemented in the environment. The scope of this whitepaper is limited to the following BIM 360 applications and services:

  • BIM 360 Documents Management (Docs)
  • BIM 360 Field Management (a.k.a. Next Generation Field)
  • BIM 360 Model Coordination (a.k.a. Next Generation Glue)
  • BIM 360 Project Management and BIM 360 Insight

You can access the whitepaper here: Autodesk BIM 360 Security Whitepaper

BIM 360 Platform Security:
Security is at the core of BIM 360. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is vital to your business operations, and Autodesk takes that responsibility seriously. As a secure, cloudbased product, BIM 360 offers the benefits of collaboration in the construction space while safeguarding customer data.

Read all about Autodesk's Security Measures in the BIM 360 Platform FAQ

Deep Dive into Amazon Web Services - Risk and Compliance: 
This whitepaper is intended to provide information to assist AWS customers with integrating AWS into their existing control framework supporting their IT environment and includes a basic approach to evaluating AWS controls and provides information to assist customers with integrating control environments. This document also addresses AWS-specific information around general cloud computing compliance questions.

Find out more here: AWS Risk and Compliance Whitepaper

BIM 360 Security Overview Page:

Autodesk Data Protection & Privacy:

Autodesk Privacy Statement:

Autodesk is Privacy Shield certified, which provides a mechanism for complying with data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the EU and Switzerland to the US:

Autodesk Health Dashboard: Have a look at this dashboard which provides real-time status and historic statistics of Autodesk Cloud Services:

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