Fabrication CADmep to Revit transition – Working with you to make change

I recently upgraded my phone, and even though I knew there wasn’t a button on the front of the new one it wasn’t until it was in my hand that I realised I was going to have to get used to working with it in a different way, and even though it only took a few minutes to figure it out I still kept pressing the button that isn’t there anymore. It’s just what I had become used to, what I was familiar with, and sometimes it takes a little while to adjust to something different.

Fabrication CADmep to Revit transition – Working with you to make change

Moving to a different design software is considerably more challenging than getting used to a new phone, it most certainly affects more people and has further reaching implications if not implemented in a strategic and effective way. Whether you are transitioning away from Fabrication CADmep towards Revit MEP or planning to introduce Revit MEP into your portfolio of products, there will be many things to consider that will affect not just the people working directly with the software.

Whatever your reason for using Revit MEP, primary considerations will be to introduce it into your organisation as seamlessly as possible and to ensure the standard of project delivery is maintained. There are a number of key areas to consider when planning such a move:

  • Hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Integration of existing standards
  • Creation of new standards
  • Targeted and bespoke training
  • Tailored support

Symetri’s team of experienced consultants will look at each of these areas in relation to your specific requirements and situation, and provide a proposal that will accelerate the adoption of Revit MEP into your organisation and support you through those early days of becoming familiar with something new and different. We will work alongside you and your delivery teams to develop and grow the necessary standards, skills, and knowledge that will become an integral part of your organisational approach to projects.

Use Symetri’s Fabrication CADmep to Revit MEP transition consultancy service and benefit from a quicker return on your investment and reduced risk associated with the adoption of a new technology. Begin the journey to build and develop standards, procedures, and workflows that will be the core of an effective delivery team capable of meeting the demands of BIM project delivery using Revit MEP.

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